Brian G. Chilton

Determining the Apologetic Starting Point

One of the most off-putting of the methodologies that I have encountered has been one version of a method called presuppositional apologetics. Presuppositional apologetics (PA) holds that one should begin with the assumption that God exists and that the Bible is inspired as one evangelizes a person.

The Beautiful Truths of Ezekiel 18

Each person is held accountable for their own actions. Understanding this truth has brought me great peace. We are responsible for getting the message of the gospel out there. We give defenses for the faith. But ultimately, each person is responsible for him or herself.

Did God Create Evil?

After Bible study one evening, a good friend of mine and I discussed the problem of evil. He asked an excellent question, "Did God create evil?" I said, "No, I don't think he did." However, my friend objected because he said, "God created everything, so he must have created evil."

Silence and Sovereign Sounds

During a class on Paul, Dr. Leo Percer noted how people often bombard themselves with noise to keep from hearing the voice of God. As I began thinking about Percer's statements, I found him to be absolutely right.

What Is Molinism?

When it comes to the issue of divine sovereignty and human freedom, the first theological question I get asked as a minister is: Are you a Calvinist or an Arminian?

True Love Must Be Reciprocal

God freely offers his love to individuals. He doesn't force his love on an individual. Remember, forced love is not genuine love! In this case, God is the lover and human beings are the beloved. But, the love must be reciprocated.

5 Reasons Why I Believe in God

"Why does it seem that so many notable scientists are atheists?" While I do not believe that all notable scientists are atheistic in their worldview, this does lead one to ask if there are any good reasons for believing in God's existence.