Brittany Smith

Christian Post Reporter

Atheists Want Wider Recognition in the Military

Atheists and humanists are working hard to gain wider recognition in the United States Military. At Ft. Meade, Army Reserve Captain Ryan Jean recently submitted a lay leader application that would allow him to work with chaplains in helping out atheists and humanists on his base.

Painter Finds Jesus Face on Barn Wall in England

A decorator in England claims to have uncovered the face of Jesus. Sam Dalby, a 37-year-old, self-employed painter and decorator, was in the midst of working on a barn conversion in North Yorkshire when he said he found the surprising image on the wall.

Should Churches Go 'All Out' Marketing Easter Services?

With Easter now a month away, many churches are preparing for their upcoming services. And to help, the website is providing tips, branding designs, billboard ideas, card and flyers for churches to market themselves for Easter. But some are not so sure whether churches should go "all out."