Brittany Smith

Christian Post Reporter

Your Podcast Is Not Your Pastor, Says Christian Blogger

Christians aren't Luddites anymore. The church has been almost as quick to adapt to technology as the surrounding culture. But blogger and managing editor of the Gospel Project at Lifeway Christian Resources, Trevin Wax, came out with a post this week warning of the dangers of podcasts becoming pastors.

Church in Oregon Gives Congregation Its Offering Back

What would you do if your church gave you your offering money back? Journey Church, located in Bend, Ore., decided to try something a little different during their Sunday service yesterday. They passed out envelopes to members of the congregation with cash inside.

The Star of Bethlehem Discovered?

When former high school astronomy teacher Irene Worthington Baron received 60 astronomy computer programs from NASA for her classroom, she started wondering if she could use them to prove there really was a Christmas star.

Ministry Raising Dough for Haitian Bakers

If you teach a man to bake, he’ll have bread for life. For husband and wife team Rick and Debbi Sands, this philosophy is part of the ingredients for their new mission to help feed the hungry in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

Family Groups Challenge Gay History Law in Calif.

A coalition of pro-family groups in California launched another effort Tuesday to overturn the state's landmark law that requires gay history to be taught in public schools. The coalition submitted a proposed initiative to reverse the “overreaching aspects” of SB 48

Ministry Feeds Children Who Go Hungry on the Weekends

Imagine having to save a half a pack of crackers from the vending machine because you were worried your brother might not have food for dinner. Gleaning For The World discovered that 6,850 elementary school children in Central Virginia go home from school for the weekend to a house with little or no food.

Merry Holidays? What Do We Call It This Year?

‘Tis the season for political correctness. This year the debate once again rages over the evergreen. Do we call it a Christmas tree or a Holiday tree? Rhode Island’s tree lighting ceremony Tuesday evening will be rivaled by two other ceremonies in protest of the state governor’s refusal to call the tree a “Christmas” tree.

WWJM? What Would Jesus Market?

The Christmas story doesn’t change, but planning for it does. That is why two online marketing sites are partnering together this year to help churches prepare for the Christmas season.