Carmen Fowler LaBerge

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Our Foul-Mouthed Culture and the Bible

Think for a moment about the words you've spoken in the last hour, the last day, the last week. Have the words of your mouth (those you've spoken out loud, those you've spoken on social media) and the meditations of your heart been acceptable in light of God's holiness and our holy calling?

Keep Proclaiming Jesus in the Face of Hostility

We should come to expect the unbelieving world will be hostile toward those who are aligned with a Lord it does not acknowledge and a God it rejects. But when people are taking pot shots at us, we recognize the real target of their rage is Jesus. They are really aiming at Him.

3 Ways Christians Are on the Sidelines of Cultural Conversations

Some will immediately protest that Christians are not on the sidelines, but loudly engaged in cultural debates in ways that certainly don't honor the Christ whose name they bear. That drives other Christians away from engagement because they don't want to be associated with a presentation of the Truth that is ugly and mean. Then there is the sideline crowd.

Understanding the Free Speech Debate

Free speech protects the kind of speech we don't like. It seems obvious, but popular speech doesn't need protection because it has the benefit of public or political support. Currently, as we find more and more speech offensive, the question is raised, "do we want to extend protections to that speech?"

Christians Believe in Supremacy — in Christ

In all of this talk about supremacy: I want to be very clear. Christians believe in supremacy. In fact, Christians believe in exclusive absolute supremacy. Shocked? But I'm not talking about purple supremacy or green supremacy, black supremacy or white supremacy.

Don't Boycott Target Over Transgender Bathroom Issue

Critics allege that this move is less common sense than nonsense by putting women and girls at risk of increased predation because sexually predatory men will use Target's policy to gain access to female victims. These are very serious concerns, and should not be minimized. So how can we act to protect the most vulnerable in our society and actually effect change?