Charles V. Payne

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Heavy Hearts In New York City

It is among the most despicable of crimes. Not only does this impact the lives of these officers and their families, but the physical, spiritual, and economic well being of all citizens in New York City.

Convicted Felons: Another Step to 8 Million More Voters

Tomorrow, state officials in California will review a petition to gain a vote in November that would reduce prison sentences for non-violent felonies. Backers claim that there are more than 800,000 signatures already, which exceeds the 504,000 signatures needed. If passed, the law would reduce the long sentences for minor drug possessions, shoplifting, check forgeries, and other such non-violent felonies to misdemeanors.

Scandals, Fisticuffs and the Voices of Tyranny

Man, there are so many scandals and donnybrooks it's hard to keep track of them. Heck, there has been so much shocking news and fisticuffs I've already forgotten about the Garcia-Woods tango over the weekend. This fresh batch of scandals that's popped up like springtime perennials could have enormous conclusions.

Starting A Housing Bust From Scratch

Growing up in Harlem in 1977 everyone felt there was serious racial discrimination by banks with branches in the neighborhood. There is no doubt getting a loan was impossible even if you had an account at the bank and a steady job.

Horns, Guns and Hounds - Climate Change Hysteria

I was turned on to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" in 1995 while reading Reginald Lewis' autobiography "Why Should White Guys Have all the Fun." Of course I'd heard parts of the work throughout my life in movies, commercials, and even cartoons, but it was after reading how Lewis would sit in his private jet and listen to the piece that I was compelled to purchase it for myself. I bought three versions that week and numerous versions since. Lewis was my idol, a blue-collar guy from a rough Baltimore neighborhood, who went to Harvard and became a star on Wall Street.