Chelsen Vicari

Special to CP

Can Google Silence the Church?

Whether we're talking about the redefinition of marriage or taxpayer funded abortion and contraception, one question is crossing many Christians' minds: where will the next challenge to religious liberty arise?

Gay Marriage and the 'Friend Zone'

Now that same-sex marriage is being treated as the law of the land, Christians find themselves in precarious friendship scenarios — and I'm not just talking about deciding whether or not to attend a gay friend's wedding reception. The challenges are costly.

Stop Trying to 'Attract' Youth; Go to Them

Off the top of your head, who can you say ignites crusades in America where 90 percent of the attendees are under 18 and have never been saved by Jesus Christ? I struggled to answer this question too when it was posed to me recently by a 24 year-old Hispanic pastor named Brian Barcelona. Barcelona knew the answer. Actually, Brian Barcelona is the answer.

Liberal Evangelicalism In New York City

Chelsen Vicari serves as the Evangelical Program Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy. Thousands of tourists, complete with fanny packs and crumpled city maps, walk in and out of New York City's monumental churches along their travel route. Their quick trips often miss the history behind the city's oldest church buildings.

Evangelicals, Catholics, and Vandals

Last year, I talked to you about a very personal issue highlighting several areas of common ground that our Christian communities share when it comes to the harmful effects of contraception and areas where we can share in the benefits of Natural Family Planning.