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Southern Baptists Surprising Tones Toward Sexuality

Long before the start of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission's 2014 (ERLC 2014) conference on marriage, sexuality and homosexuality, the fiery darts were thrown. Cultural and religious analysts and Twitter pundits alike hurled their accusations of hatred and bigotry with the hopes Internet bullying would silence discussions of biblical sexuality.

Does Islam Oppress Women? A Feminist Says No

It's hard to believe that a young woman growing up in America's Deep South would choose to convert to Islam because she is a feminist. With bad news focusing on ISIS' enslavement and torture of women, Hamas' use of women and children as human shields, and Boko Haram kidnapping young Christian girls from their schoolyards all with the common quest to implement Sharia Law, Islam just isn't the religion that comes to mind when I think of women's rights and equality

Beyond Beyonce': Feminism, Celebrities and the Church

Let's see: twerking, stripper poles, and skimpy costumes. Another MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) show has come and gone. But unlike VMA 2013's Miley Cyrus spectacle that elicited national outrage, this year's Beyoncé gyrations to dirty song lyrics fetched supreme praise. Cue the double standards.

Social Justice Includes Defending Religious Liberty

It may be that we are raising a generation of Evangelicals who resent self-sufficiency, upward mobility and success stories. I'm sorry to say these resentments, specifically among Millennials, is due in large part to an over-emphasis and misuse of "social justice" advocacy touted by the Left within our church sermons and Sunday school lessons.

Why Millennial Guys Must Care About the 'War on Women'

If you are against abortion or tax-payer funded contraception, then you are waging a so-called "War on Women." No right to talk about it. Men should stay out of women's business, they say. This is a major falsehood that liberals constantly tell men. But as Christians and future husbands and fathers, women need men to engage in the "war on women" debate.

Ladies, Don't be Fooled: Women Won in the Hobby Lobby Case

The Supreme Court's decision to uphold citizens' First Amendment right to live and work according to our moral convictions should not scare women. What should frighten us is the deceptive and potentially harmful misinformation so-called "progressive" voices within pro-abortion lobby groups, mainstream media, and, most disappointingly, from some within the Church are feeding us.

Justin Bieber Matters to Youth Ministry

News of pop singer Justin Bieber and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, attending Bible study hasn't garnered as much attention from the Evangelical community as it should. Not because we care about celebrity status or bad-boy behavior, but because we are deeply concerned about souls and spheres of influence.

Where Do Millennials Attend Church?

In case you missed it, there is a hilarious Tumblr blog floating the web that depicts "Why Millennials Don't Go to Church" in LOLCat format. One picture featured twirling cats and the words, "We can haz liturgical dance to attract the youngz" and another showed a cat lounging on top of a guitar asking, "Maybe u would like a praise band?"

Compassionate Evangelicalism?

Did you know that anyone can call themselves an evangelical? Sure. The description is up for grabs so long as you pair your evangelical label with sweet-sounding descriptors and fluffy mission statements. At least, that's the emerging trend.

Women, Sexuality and the Southern Baptist's ERLC Summit

Liberal Christians often champion themselves as facilitators of deep, authentic dialogue about the cultural issues facing America's faithful. But when the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission gathered yesterday for their first-ever leadership summit to genuinely discuss a myriad of sexual morality topics — including same-sex marriage and sexuality, the premier cultural conundrum facing the Church — unexpected kickback erupted on social media.

Nice Try Mr. Stearns, but You Let Us Down

World Vision's U.S. president, Richard Stearns, just announced that homosexuality goes, at least when it comes to his non-profit staff. In an interview with Christianity Today, the social justice champion insisted his decision "is not an endorsement of same-sex marriage. We have decided we are not going to get into that debate. Nor is this a rejection of traditional marriage, which we affirm and support." Nice try Mr. Stearns, but we're not buying your lines.

This Valentines Day Love Your Homosexual Neighbor

Valentine's Day, if we're honest, is an irritating holiday even for Christians. Everywhere we look there are baked-goods and candy hearts expressing their eternal love for us in pink frosting. For those of us struggling to keep up with New Year's diet resolutions, the temptations can be downright maddening. But all the talk about love and affection got me thinking. What if this year I asked my homosexual neighbor to be my valentine?

Are Young Evangelicals Kissing the Culture Wars Goodbye?

"The Religious Right is dead," proclaim political analysts on both the conservative right and liberal left. Phrases like "Post-Christian America" and "Post-Evangelical culture" abound. Yet, a mere two decades ago, these accusations would have gone unspoken. Perhaps it is time to consider if something, indeed, has gone wrong within the Evangelical community.

How Churches are Harming Human Trafficking Victims

Did you know that January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month? According to the White House, this is a time to reflect on modern-day slavery and "renew our commitment to ending this scourge in all its forms." A project of the United Methodist Church, on the other hand, is committing to emphasize "reproductive services" for victims without regard for their emotional, physical and spiritual health.

An Evangelical Woman's Response to the 'Unease Over Contraception'

Birth control is a touchy subject that Evangelicals find extremely difficult to discuss. But as the President's health care mandate officially launches and its oppressive contraception enforcements are questioned, some Evangelicals are reconsidering their embrace of oral contraception, or what is commonly referred to as the Pill.