Christopher Benek

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Aliens Play a Part in God's Plan for Us

Most Christians I know believe in extraterrestrial aliens. The accounts of such beings in our sacred texts are frequent and have been recorded my numerous sources. What most people fail to consider is how aliens will play a role in our coming eschatological future.

Technology Will Expose the Sin in Our Hearts

As technology continues to increasingly develop it exposes human intention while eliminating our privacy. The result of this accelerating trend is that the confidentiality that we currently maintain as persons will continue to erode. As such, we should begin to prepare ourselves for the biggest reveal of all: The day when technology exposes the thoughts of our mind.

You Cannot Serve Both God and Internet Trolling

The intentional introduction of inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic posts with the deliberate intent of disrupting regular on-topic group discussion — commonly known as Internet trolling — has become a favorite pastime of many Christians in the world today.

Why Christians Should Embrace Transhumanism

Much of the distress about transhumanism by Christians in the past surrounds its proponent's vocal Atheistic attempts to define the prefix "trans" in ways that advocate individual enhancement through technological means to become "post" human.

Babies Are Not Born Atheists

It is a popular claim by Atheists that eventually science will somehow eliminate the need for religion. Many even argue that, in our present age of exponentially advancing technology, we are already beginning to see the numerical decline of religious persons in the United States.