Chuck Bentley

CP Guest Contributor

Ask Chuck: Blowing a $4 Million Inheritance?

Dear Chuck, I read a story recently in the Washington Post about a frugal librarian who drove an old car, carried his lunch, and spent next to nothing on himself, making it possible for him to save $4 million that he donated to the school he loved, the University of New Hampshire, upon his death. But now there is a bit of controversy about how the money is being spent.

Ask Chuck: Should I Buy a Car on Craigslist?

Dear Chuck, Should I buy a car from Craigslist? There seems to be a lot of great deals from private sellers. And I would love to pay cash rather than have a car payment. But the process seems so daunting. Many of the posts look like scams, and most sellers say "cash only" but I don't want to carry that much cash. Is it worth the trouble?

Ask Chuck: How to Deal With Workplace Gossip?

Dear Chuck, I'm trying to fit in to a new workplace, and I'm on the outside of a lot of the conversations and office gossip. I want to join in, but sometimes the talk gets so hurtful or goes a direction I just don't want to follow. Does the Bible have anything to say about how to talk to people in my office?

Ask Chuck: How to Avoid the Repo Man

Dear Chuck, What are the rules when a bank repossesses your car? Do you still have to pay them what you owe and can they garnish your wages for payment? I have a friend who has just turned her life over to Christ and over the years she has made many, many bad decisions, and her financial situation is overwhelming.

Ask Chuck: 3 Tips for Dealing With College Debt

Dear Chuck, It's back to school time for many families, but my children are finishing college and newly graduated, so I'm less concerned now that they have a diploma — and more worried about the debt they accumulated — the nasty student loan kind of debt.. Do you have any advice for my family and me?

Ask Chuck: Refinancing vs. Recasting a Home Mortgage

Dear Chuck, My husband and I own a home and are trying to decide if we should change our mortgage to get in better financial health. I read recently about "recasting" a mortgage, which sounds a lot like a fishing term! Is that something worth considering? We've been looking into refinancing. What is the difference?

Ask Chuck: Pyramid Scheme or Legit Business?

I´ve come across a situation that made me wonder what you and the Bible might think of Multi-level Marketing (MLM or network marketing). Several friends have approached me with opportunities, but so far I have declined. ... I really would appreciate any advice you can provide.

Ask Chuck: Biblical Lessons From Losing $4.5 Billion

I have been fascinated by the news stories about the embattled founder of the medical testing company Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, who lost $4.5 billion – BILLION – and it is really hard to understand how someone can go from the top of Forbes richest people list to the bottom. Is there Biblical advice on how to avoid that kind of rise and fall?

Ask Chuck: Does the Bible Say Fathers Should Be the Breadwinner?

Dear Chuck, As we celebrate Father's Day this weekend, it seems to me that today's dads are under pressure of all kinds as well as having to endure being the butt of the joke too much of time. Father may not always know best, but Hollywood makes dads appear weak, stupid and clueless. What kind of leadership does God require of husbands and fathers?

Ask Chuck: Should I Send My Kids to College?

Dear Chuck, With kids in college, I'm very worried about whether they can get a job after graduation and about the debt they're going to need to manage because my wife and I can't afford to pay for their educations free and clear. But it's hard to get a good job without a college education. Do you have advice for us on making the most of a college degree?

Ask Chuck: When Should Helicopter Parents Fly Away?

As my kids are getting older and preparing for college, I worry in particular that they are not ready to handle money, which can be very complicated, and I'd like to be involved in their financial decisions. How do I parent my kids about handling money without getting in the way of important life lessons?

Ask Chuck: Pop-Star Prince Problems to Avoid!

When the pop artist known as Prince died so unexpectedly recently, I was shocked and saddened by the loss, but also surprised when I saw this headline: Prince Leaves $300M, No Direct Heirs And The Ultimate Succession Nightmare. I don't haven nearly as much as he did, but I'm not sure my affairs are in order either. What needs to be done to have a plan in place?

Ask Chuck: Beware Craiglist Scams!

Dear Chuck, I'm a little afraid of selling things on the internet. This month a man was sentenced to life in prison for helping his stepsister beat to death a man she met on Craigslist that she intended to rob.