Chuck Bentley

CP Guest Contributor

Why Does God Hate Me?

I pray about finances, I work extra to get my financial situation to what it should be, I get to a certain level of finance, then GOD kicks me back to start. Why does God hate me so much that this is his pattern?

Ask Chuck: Is a Secret Bank Account Like Cheating With My Spouse?

You talked about how financial secrets were not good for a marriage, and I was wondering whether you think it is ever acceptable to set money aside that your spouse does not know about, or does that make someone financially unfaithful? I saw you quoted in an interesting article in Fortune Magazine about a survey on "financial infidelity", and they said this, "One in twenty people in the U.S. admit to having started secret bank accounts or credit cards without their partner's knowledge."

Ask Chuck: Money Lessons From Kanye West and Seattle Seahawk's Marshawn Lynch

Dear Chuck, This week the always vocal Kanye West has been tweeting that he is $53 million in "personal debt," and asking billionaires involved in charities to support him because he is "the greatest artist of all time," meanwhile I've been intrigued by the example of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch who has reportedly not spent any of his $50 million salary, living quietly instead on his endorsement income. Do you see some financial advice for the rest of us in the headlines?

Should My Kids Work for Their Allowance?

Dear Chuck, So many financial experts offer differing opinions about whether parents should give their children an allowance and whether that allowance should be for chores or just something received without being tied to work. What do you recommend in terms of giving a child an allowance and whether work should be part of that?

How Do I Survive the Next Snowmageddon?

Storms like the one that shut down the federal government for days are a great reminder that being prepared for disaster means getting ready for everything, from the next "Snowmageddon" to being ready to face the loss of your job.

Ditching Debt in the New Year

I know that getting out of debt is a great New Year's resolution (I'm willing to try that one again!) but do you have any advice on something else that I should prioritize?

Are New Year's Resolutions Biblical?

A lot of us — myself included — will make New Year's Resolutions about money or family or career, maybe even about learning a new skill. But does the Bible have anything to say about this kind of thing?

How Do I Collect an Unpaid Debt From A Fellow Christian?

My husband has his own small business, construction, and he was sub-contracted for another small business, also construction. Since both men are believers, how do we biblically handle not being paid for the job? (The main contractor) keeps promising, but not paying. Thank you!

When Should We Kick Our Kids Off Our Car Insurance?

My question is on adult children and car insurance: I need to figure out if I should put my adult son on our insurance policy. We've all had accidents (so no judgment here), but he just hit a deer, got a speeding ticket, and also got into an accident with our car not long ago. If we get him his insurance, he will be paying about $3,100 per year (he just got a job that pays about $500 per week). Are we better off putting him on our policy and have him pay us, or should he get his own policy?

Should My Winnings Go to a New a Car?

I recently obtained a small court settlement and I am seeking the best way to handle my finances. I am particularly interested in what to do with my car. Should I pay it off and get a newer model or pay it off and keep it?!

Can the IRS Help You Fund Your Christmas Budget?

I'm worried about how to cover the costs of Christmas. I know I should have been saving through the year, and I have some money set aside but do you have some suggestions on how to get some resources together to have more money available over the holidays?

Train Up a Child or Make Room in Your Basement

Coaches and trainers are engaged to achieve better performance in sports; tutors hired for Chemistry or math, but some interesting research indicates that when it comes to teaching your children a vital life skill, it may be extremely difficult to make major changes after age 7 … and parents are the primary teachers whether they know it or not.

Lives for Lamborghinis? It's Time to Reform the Ethics of Human Life

Few stories so clearly illustrate the Biblical truth that "the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil" than the controversy that has exploded following the release of undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress in which Planned Parenthood doctors talk about dismembering unborn children to sell tissue and body parts.