Chuck Colson

Christian Post Guest Columnist

A Bad Idea

Remembering the terrorist attacks of 9/11 is something we should do. But there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to do it.

How to Talk to a Teacher

What do you do if you have a concern about what your child is learning in school? Talk to the teacher, of course. But how you do it might make all the difference.

Summer for Marriage Tour

In the debate over same-sex marriage, why is the side demanding tolerance so radically intolerant? And how should we respond to intolerance?


More women are donating their eggs to infertile couples and for embryonic stem cell research. One new documentary shows why that may be a very bad idea

Harmonious Folly

Will the administration appease the Islamic world by backing off of religious freedom? Let's take a look at the history books.

Bunny Business

Aging hedonist Hugh Hefner has been thinking long and hard about how to insure his Playboy legacy.

The Mosque at Ground Zero

As anyone who comes regularly to The Christian Post might guess, I am distressed—aghast, in fact—over the controversy about building a mosque at ground zero.

Judging Marriage

I have warned you for months that our religious freedoms are imperiled. Well, Armageddon may be close at hand if a new court decision holds up.