Chuck Colson

Christian Post Guest Columnist

How Dare He?

What happens when a journalist who happens to be a Christian offers friendly and faith-filled advice on national TV? Find out.

Marriage and Family

Especially at Christmas, we are reminded what a precious gift a healthy family is. And it's a time when I, myself, am very aware of the powerful and malevolent cultural forces that seek to tear families apart.

The Incarnation

Viewed properly, Christmas is a matter of life and death for billions. God invaded in order to smash the reign of Satan and to establish His holy rule.

Flirting with Danger

The Twilight series of novels—and now the movies—are wildly popular with teenage girls. And that's a shame. I'll tell you why.

Deadly Utility

Will sacrificing human embryos increase societal happiness? You might find that a strange question—and you'd be right.

Why You Think the Way You Do

Christianity has been the most powerful force in shaping Western civilization. The problem is, most Christians don't know about it. But I've got a solution.

Game Plan for Life

What better Christmas gift to give to a rabid football fan than a book by Coach Joe Gibbs? Especially since the gift Gibbs writes about is an eternal one.

Childishness and Tolerance

We've talked a lot in the past several days about the Manhattan Declaration and why we must defend religious liberty. Today, I'll give you a case in point.

Breaking the Bank

Who cares the most about health care reform? The President? Congress? Seniors? The health insurance industry? Well, the answer will surprise you.

Depressingly Predictable

It's one thing for the British government to eradicate every vestige of Christianity on the Scepter'd Isle. It's another for it to demand that its territories do so as well.

You're Teaching My Kid What?

Are you squeamish when it comes to talking with your kids about sex? Well, you'd better get to them fast, before they're exposed to sex educators in school.