Chuck Colson

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Gay by Choice?

Are all homosexuals "born that way"? Not if you believe the testimony of a prominent "gay" actress.

Defend Religious Liberty for All

We have reached the point where Christians may be called to actively defy the government of the United States. This is a shocking and sobering statement, but I'm sorry to say it's true.

God's Plan for Sex

God instituted marriage for the good of man (restraining and channeling his sexuality), for the protection and dignity of woman, and the flourishing of human society.

Komen Caves

Komen is the kind of respectable and mainstream partner that Planned Parenthood desperately needs to continue its charade that it is all about "women's health."

Gambling Insanity

State-sponsored gambling has always been a sucker's bet, which makes the newest rush to expand it, well, insanity.