Chuck Colson

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Oprah Gets One Right

I always tell people that when they read a book to keep their eyes open for Christian themes. But I never thought I'd say they could find them on Oprah's book list.

Capitol Hill Follies

It's crystal clear now nobody in Washington really cares about the deficit. The Democrats got their stimulus, and the Republicans got some tax cuts

Knowing God

Attempting to live the Christian life without this knowledge isn't only foolish, it's a kind of self-cruelty — denying ourselves the riches of our own faith.

Smith Comes Back to Haunt Us

Will the Supreme Court uphold religious freedom when it hears the California marriage case? A lot may depend on a dreadful ruling it issued 20 years ago.

Christ the King Sunday

On Sunday our friends in liturgical churches celebrated a holy day we should all become familiar with. It's Christ the King Sunday.

It's the Earmarks, Stupid

The election is over and it's time for Congress to get serious about the budget. The first big test may tell us whether political self-interest trumps the public good.

Voluntary Extinction

According to Britain's Guardian newspaper, the Chinese government "has been considering options for relaxing" its infamous "one-child" policy.