Col. Arthur C. Pace

CP Guest Contributor

From a Ret. Army Colonel: A Father's Day Far Away

This Father's Day, many fathers will not receive the token tie. Instead they will receive prayers and, if it is a really good day, they will get to talk to their children and spouse through a computer. These are military dads, men who are helping to ensure that all of us can freely hug and joyously celebrate our own fathers.

Atheist Chaplain Undermines Nature of Chaplaincy Itself

Now Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) has sponsored a new amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would bar atheists from joining the chaplain corps. In discussing the amendment, Rep. Fleming said that an atheist chaplain is an oxymoron. I agree. After all, isn't the very role of a chaplain to bring spiritual guidance to a member of the armed services in his or her time of need?