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A Light in the Darkness

Esau worked his way into the center of the crowded market near his home in Daraja Mbili. Skillfully, the 11-year-old slipped his hand into pockets and baskets, snatching bits of food and money. Esau used to feel a twinge of guilt when he stole from his neighbors, but poverty's desperation choked out any remorse. Still, Esau's life wasn't always this desolate.

Breathing at Last

It is the middle of the night. The only sound is the metallic rattle of the tin roof as it shudders in the night breeze. But soon another sound begins. It starts as a gentle wheeze emanating from a small boy lying on a mat.

Breaking Through Boundaries

Although it may be difficult to find the community of Kampung Sawah on a map, it's not so hard if you follow your nose. A small slum tucked into the northern corner of Jakarta, Indonesia, Kampung Sawah is known for one thing: garbage.