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Amanda Knox to Become a 'Big Star,' Says Donald Trump

Amanda Knox is on her way home to Seattle Tuesday after she was acquitted of the murder of her friend Meredith Kercher. Knox boarded a British Airway flight at Leonardo Da Vinco airport in Rome where she and her family traveled via London Heathrow to Seattle, Wash.

Pill to Prevent Gray Hairs Developed by L'Oreal

Scientists have created a vitamin pill that claims to prevent hair from turning gray. The vitamin pill - which is derived from a secret fruit extract - is to be taken daily in order to keep a user’s natural locks from turning platinum.

FDNY Accepts First Transgender Firefighter

New York Fire Department has welcomed its first transgender firefighter on board. The new male-to-female firefighter is called “Brooke.” She is a third-generation firefighter and reports indicate that her father still works with the department, called the “Bravest.”