CP Reader

2011 Values Voter Summit: Ron Paul, Romney, Mormonism

As a Christian voter who attended the conference myself, values are important to me. After a President leaves office, he leaves behind his policies informed by his values. How can Paul protect the families and liberty he claims to value by liberating restraints against evil and depleting the moral and biblical authority for Government to bear the sword?

9/11’s Forgotten Victim

As a person of faith, Dr. Land’s call to prayer in his September 9 editorial, “How Should Americans Respond to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11,” really resonated with me. And though it’s a tall order, I agree that we must pray for the enlightenment of our enemies.

Giving God a Good Reputation

As I look at the world around me I see a generation of children that are being deceived, confused and influenced by the craftiness of the enemies of the faithful. Gradually, we have seen God taken out of our schools, Christ taken out of Christmas, the Ten Commandments removed from our Courts and now the evidence of “In God We Trust” becoming an issue on the face of our money.