Dan Delzell

Christian Post Contributor

Childlike Faith Isn't Just for Little Children

When was the last time you watched a little child listening and responding to the comments of a parent? The simplicity of a child's worldview is astounding. Sure they have their moments of rebellion and fussing, but don't we all? Their innocent faith, on the other hand, is something we adults seem to rarely exhibit in our own lives.

Preconceived Notions Pave the Road to Hell

We all tend to live with certain preconceived notions. Some of our notions have few consequences, while others impact our eternal well-being. You don't want to be wrong about heaven and hell, trust me. There are no "do-overs" once your soul departs your earthly body at the moment of your death.

Bloodthirsty Bomber Brothers Betrayed Bostonians Beyond Belief

The city of Boston is like a family in a way, and this family has just been through the ringer. They welcomed a couple of guys into their fold who in turn decided to stab their fellow Bostonians in the back. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan betrayed the very community that had opened their arms to receive them. It seems unbelievable that this could happen, and yet it did.

How Your Lifestyle Sways What You Believe

Oswald Chambers described it this way: "The golden rule for understanding spiritually is not intellect, but obedience. If a man wants scientific knowledge, intellectual curiosity is his guide; but if he wants insight into what Jesus Christ teaches, he can only get it by obedience."

The Face of America in Gosnell's Mirror

If Gosnell were to stand in front of a mirror, what we would see staring back at us is the face of America. Our nation has given "cover" to abortionists who go into wombs in order to literally rip innocent unborn babies from their mothers. One cannot look at Gosnell without seeing the face of America. This is why many in the media don't plan to say much about the murderer from the Philadelphia abortion mill. They would prefer to have you think about other things instead.

Pope Francis Is Free to Break Tradition

A recent article by The Associated Press states that Pope Francis is not making the liturgical "traditionalists" in the Catholic Church very happy. Apparently "the last straw" was his "decision to disregard church law and wash the feet of two girls – a Serbian Muslim and an Italian Catholic – during a Holy Thursday ritual." I guess when you elect a pope who rode the bus to work as an archbishop, you better be prepared for a guy who thinks outside the box.

God Established Marriage Equality 6000 Years Ago

Jewish and Christian students of the Bible have been given a detailed historical timeline in Scripture. We know that God created Adam and Eve about 6000 years ago. The biblical timeline reveals that Noah was born roughly 1000 years later. Abraham was born close to 1000 years after Noah. David was born around 1000 years after Abraham. And Jesus was born close to 1000 years after David. Christ's miraculous birth took place roughly 2000 years ago, which was about 4000 years after God created Adam and Eve. Do the math. It is laid out clearly in God's Word.

Should Christians Place Less Emphasis on Eternity?

There are plenty of people, especially in America, who feel that Christians place too much emphasis on eternity. But is that a legitimate criticism? Or is it simply man's attempt to try to make Christianity only apply to this life here and now? Interestingly, those who are uncomfortable with the supernatural are also uncomfortable with the biblical teaching about eternity.

When Good Friday and Easter Become Personal

Jesus won't mean much to you until you are able to speak about Him in a personal way. It's one thing to say, "This is Easter weekend." It's another thing altogether to say, "Jesus died for me, and rose again for my eternal salvation." So are Good Friday and Easter personal for you, or not so much?

Presenting Propositional Truth With Conviction and Compassion

That hypothetical patient represents a dominant mindset in our world today. Many people have become extremely resistant to the idea of propositional truth, not in the area of medicine, but when it comes to God, eternity, sin, and forgiveness. You sound like an "absolutist" if you are overly dogmatic on religious assertions. That was actually the term someone used years ago when suggesting that I present God's Word with less certainty. In fact, people who don't believe that God's Word is "God-breathed" may even think you are arrogant if you present propositional truth with assurance and conviction.

Rob Bell's Teaching Flows From the Heart

In his book Love Wins, Rob Bell challenged the traditional biblical teaching regarding hell as simply being wrong. Rob's spiritual journey continues to evolve as he now has come out in favor of same-sex marriage. He believes the traditional biblical teaching about marriage is as wrong as hell. So is Rob Bell correct, or is he misguided?

Temptation and the Fine Print Whopper Interest Rate

A similar thing happens with temptation and sin. It flashes before us with its appeal and its promises. But the fine print is easy to miss. Adam and Eve missed it, and the "interest rate" in their case was a whopper. King David came to find out how high the interest rate is on sin. Judas had 30 pieces of silver flash before his eyes, and he took the deal. But it cost him so much more than he ever anticipated.

Rejecting the Ones Who Love You Most

We see it happen everyday, where people walk away from the ones who love them the most. It is mind-boggling. Why would anyone leave a situation where he or she is loved so deeply? And yet, it occurs time and time again all over the world. It is a universal problem.

Did Your Parents Hinder Your Spiritual Development?

Your parents played a huge role in what you believe today, and what you choose not to believe. Their presence, or their absence, along with their teaching and their training, have all worked to shape you into who you are today. That's not to say those are the only factors, but they certainly play a major role in whether or not you have been connected to God through faith.

Do You Realize Some of Your Issues?

We all have issues, and that includes you. We go through life with these issues, some of which become apparent to us, while others not so much. So the question is, do you realize some of your issues?

Jesus Surpasses Your Faith and Your Doubts

You may consider yourself to be a person of great faith....or maybe, you feel like you are the biggest doubter in the world. Most of us would place ourselves somewhere in between. But wherever you are at today in your faith, just know this....Jesus surpasses your faith, as well as your doubts.

Noah, Abraham and Moses Point to Jesus

The first episode of the mini-series "The Bible" on The History Channel seemed to jump off the screen last Sunday night with spiritual vitality and timeless truth. Three of the key biblical figures from week one were Noah, Abraham and Moses. This dramatic history lesson points us to Jesus....but will you look to Him and believe what God invites you to believe?

The Gospel for Inmates and All Sinners

Today brought one of those rare experiences. You know....the kind where you feel like God just gave you the right words at the right time which were perfect for the situation. And all you can do is bask in the glow of the moment....and praise Him for granting you a golden nugget in your communication of the Gospel message.

Christ's Real Presence Dwells Inside Every Believer

No religious organization has a corner on Christ's real presence. You can't box Him in. Jesus goes wherever He wants to go....and one of the places He chooses to go is on the inside of everyone who believes in Him as Savior. Therefore, a Christian can literally say, "My heart is Christ's home."

Differences Between Carnival's 'Hell Ship' and Hades

It has been dubbed the "Hell Ship." It was the Carnival cruise that went horribly wrong two weeks ago after the ship lost power in an engine-room fire. And while it may have seemed like being in hell for the 4200 or so passengers who endured the stench and heat of that arduous journey back to land, there are some notable differences between their ordeal on the cruise ship....and the reality of eternal hell. Here are 7 big differences between Carnival's "Hell Ship" and Hades.

Does Jesus Care Whether I Attend Church?

If you identify yourself as a Christian, then I assume it really matters to you whether or not Jesus wants you to attend church. After all, He is your King….not just your advisor….or your buddy….but your Lord….and your God. Right?