Dan Delzell

Christian Post Contributor

Holy Decisions Spark Holy Desires

In the Bible, however, the word "holy" is a beautiful term that describes a key aspect of God's nature. In fact, the third Person of the Trinity is called "the Holy Spirit." There is absolutely nothing within the God of the universe that is not perfect in holiness, righteousness, and truth.

Can Man Be Moral Without Jesus?

Man was created in the image of God. And so by nature, man is a moral being. Unfortunately for man, sin is also part of his existence, and sinful desires lead man to disobey God's commands. At the same time, billions of people who don't know Jesus live according to their favorite moral code.

When Christ Saves the 'Worst' of Sinners

One of the amazing things about God's grace is that it can even reach those who are running hard in the opposite direction. Such was the case with the man who ended up writing much of the New Testament, formerly known as Saul of Tarsus.

Why Purgatory Is a Dangerous Doctrine

Most people who experience guilt over their sins seek some form of spiritual relief. It is only natural to want some assurance that our Creator will not hold our sins against us, right?

Saving the Planet While Losing Your Soul

Many people engage in life-saving rescue efforts, whether it involves saving things, saving animals, or saving people. While some folks strive to save the whales, others work hard to save unborn babies; still others are busy trying to save the planet.

Why Wasn't Jesus Beheaded?

The brutal crucifixion of Christ lasted for six grueling hours, and the intense pain Jesus endured is beyond our comprehension. So why did the Father allow His Son to be killed by crucifixion, rather than the way John the Baptist was executed?

Are You Praying for More Power?

All of us are capable of feeling overwhelmed by our circumstances and moods. We tend to get caught up in the moment and carried away by intense emotions, unless of course we experience power that is greater than those stressful issues that are weighing upon our heart and mind.

Approaching Jesus With Humility

If you hope to gain an understanding of Jesus Christ and the purpose of the Savior's life, death, and resurrection, it will be necessary to approach the Lord in a spirit of humility.

Overcoming Middle School Pressure With God's Power

Jerry Spinelli said, "Peer pressure is just that: pressure." And the age when most people feel the greatest pressure to "fit in" is during the middle school years. No wonder Jeff Kinney said, "I've never run into a person who yearns for their middle school days."

Working Out Your Salvation

If your soul has been saved through faith in Christ, then it is incumbent upon you to "work out your salvation" by living everyday for the Lord. A person can only work out his salvation if he has actually received this free gift from God.

Child Baptism and Actual Discipleship

Some Christian parents have their babies baptized, while others have them dedicated. Some parents have their preteen children baptized upon their profession of faith in Christ, while other parents encourage their children to hold off on baptism until later in their teen years.

Christ's Supremacy Conquers White Supremacy

The sinful nature stirs up pride, prejudice, anger, and hatred, whereas the Holy Spirit produces compassion, love, joy, and peace in the hearts of Christ followers. And anyone who hates others is certainly not a Christ follower.

Comforting the Afflicted and Afflicting the Comfortable

In every family there are times when parents need to "lay down the law" as they deal with a child's act of defiance. At other times, parents bring comfort and assurance to a child who is repentant. It shouldn't surprise us to see in Scripture that God does a similar thing.