Dan Delzell

Christian Post Contributor

Turning to God Turns the Tide

Our life on earth often gets caught up in waves. Sometimes we ride along on waves of joy. At other times we experience waves of temptation. And still other times involve waves of doubt and confusion. But through it all, there is One we can turn to who is able to turn the tide.

The Miracle of the Christian Life

Can you think of one miracle you have performed? Just one. Take your time. Think back over your entire life, and see if you can remember one occasion when you performed something supernatural.

How Can I Know I Am Born Again?

"How can I know I am born again?" That was the excellent question a Mormon missionary asked me recently after a lengthy discussion about biblical theology. And it indicated that he was giving the "born again" message some significant consideration.

How Romans 7 Describes Paul's Christian Experience

The book of Romans has been called "the cathedral of the Christian faith," and "the chief book of the New Testament." Martin Luther described Paul's epistle to the Romans as "a light and way" to all of Scripture. Luther said it "deserves not only to be known word for word by every Christian, but to be the subject of his meditation day by day, the daily bread of his soul."

Richard Mouw Gets Mauled by Mormonism

Even if some Mormon leaders stop believing that God was once a man, they still would need to accept the fact that God exists eternally in the three Persons of the Trinity. And there is not a shred of evidence that the Mormon hierarchy is willing to repudiate the first article of their faith, and replace it with orthodox Christian Trinitarian doctrine.

When Jesus Invites You to Breakfast

Have you ever felt completely at a loss spiritually, only to be renewed and lifted up by a time of fellowship with the Lord? It is difficult for us to fully appreciate the discouragement the disciples felt after the crucifixion of Christ.

Don't Confuse Justification With Sanctification

The apostle Paul had a remarkable handle on the relationship between faith and works. He fully understood "the obedience that comes from faith." (Romans 1:5) The Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write letters clearly explaining justification and sanctification.

Why Joel Osteen Should Preach About Hell

Tracy Smith is a correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning. In a recent interview with Joel Osteen, Tracy made no attempt to be politically correct. Instead, she came right out and asked Joel about hell. That's right, the place of eternal punishment.

Will You Die to Self and Rise With Jesus on Easter?

Death must precede resurrection. After all, Jesus did it, and the rest is history. And in the case of man, this calls for death to certain things. Perhaps you are ready to die to self and rise with Jesus on Easter. If so, you will need to die to these 10 things

Why Science Will Never Produce Eternal Life

A recent article from the Daily Express in the United Kingdom was titled, "Scientists Take a Step Closer to Eternal Life as They Preserve and Revive Brain." It explained how researchers from 21st Century Medicine (21CM) managed to freeze the brain of a rabbit, and then revive it. The fact that they used a rabbit is ironic given some of the cultural themes associated with Easter.

Walking in the Spirit vs. Walking in the Flesh

The New Testament presents a stark contrast between "walking in the Spirit" and "walking in the flesh." The first approach flows in the power of the Holy Spirit. The second approach is dominated by sinful desires. One way of living satisfies your soul and pleases God. The other way of living makes a person restless and is offensive to God.

Could 'Doing Lent' Hurt My Soul?

The season of Lent is once again in full swing. It's a tradition that leads up to Holy Week and Easter. Some find Lent more meaningful than others. But what if I told you that "doing Lent" could actually hurt your soul? It's true.

3 Characters, 3 Lessons From the Parable of the Prodigal Son

Jesus knew just how to address the needs of everyone, from the rebel on the run, to the person dripping with self-righteousness. And whenever the Lord told a parable, it spoke to a variety of situations and a wide spectrum of people. Jesus wanted everyone to know how much we all have to learn about the kingdom of God.

The Importance of Knowing You Were Created

Imagine a robot gaining self-awareness and actually grasping the fact that it was created by someone. Only in the movies, right? Actually, yes. It's pure fiction. Robots will never have such awareness because robots do not have a soul. You can program a robot to say, "I know I was created," but you cannot actually create self-awareness for a robot. Such a feat is impossible.