Dan Delzell

Christian Post Contributor

Does Your Life Resemble Advent or Mardi Gras?

The season of Advent promotes spiritual preparation and a holy focus upon things that have eternal relevance. At the other end of the spectrum, Mardi Gras promotes living for the moment by diving into any carnal desires which seem appealing. Two different ways to approach life, and two different ways to die.

New York Daily News: God Already Fixed This

Why did the editors of The New York Daily News develop a sudden interest pointing blame at God? After the massacre in San Bernardino, their front page loudly and unashamedly proclaimed: "God Isn't Fixing This."

Your Religious Upbringing Doesn't Make Your Religion True or False

Parents in every religion raise children to accept their particular beliefs. And parents in every religion sincerely believe their family is on the right path. But since religions contradict each other, and no religion except Christianity presents Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world, your religious upbringing doesn't make your religion true, or false.

Donald Trump Strives for the Presidency and Paradise

Donald Trump knows a thing or two about hard work. In fact, it's difficult to imagine anyone having a stronger work ethic. And Trump's run for the White House is giving us an inside look into how much energy he put into building his business empire.

Thank Your Way to a Good Attitude

You didn't choose your parents or the color of your skin. And you didn't choose your DNA. But you can choose your attitude. You get to choose everyday whether to grumble and complain, or to give thanks instead. And it's encouraging to know that you can literally thank your way to a good attitude.

Would You Take a Bullet for Jesus?

If a gunman was demanding people to state their religion, and then killing those who professed faith in Christ, would you admit you are a Christian? That is how Chris Harper Mercer chose his victims during his shooting rampage in Oregon. Those who acknowledged Jesus as their Savior were shot in the head.

The Pope's Water Glass and God's Holy Water

Are you someone who tends to see the glass half full, or half empty? And if you had the chance to get your hands on a glass of water used by the pope, would you take it? One Democratic congressman from Philadelphia simply couldn't resist.