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CA School Making Kids 'Bow to the Sun God' in Yoga Program: Parents and Conservatives Fight Back

Encinitas Union School District's decision to implement Ashtanga yoga into its curriculum, which involves "bowing to the sun god" among other Hindu traditions, has resulted in a legal battle in California. The expansion of the yoga-based health and wellness program to Cajon Valley Union School District, Monarch School in San Diego and three New York schools has prompted conservative advocates to remind the school of their legal precedent of keeping religious practices out of the classroom.

Fast Food Strike May 15 to Happen in 150 Cities Across US

A fast food strike has been planned for May 15 across the U.S. in 150 major cities including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and Memphis, according to reports Wendesday. Employees of major fast food brands like McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's are demanding that their pay be increased to $15 an hour from the average of about $9 an hour, or $18,500 a year.

God Performs Abortions in the Bible, Says Liberal Radio Host; Is the Bible Pro-Choice?

A liberal radio host claims God is pro-choice and actually performed abortions in the Bible, and the video of his outrageous ideas was reposted on the RH Reality Check blog and Twitter account Tuesday. The non-for-profit organization, which reportedly has the same goals as Planned Parenthood, used the video to posit that "the Bible is #ProChoice" and to spread propaganda to support their claim.

'I Just Learned God is Good': Cornealious Mike Anderson Freed From Prison After Clerical Mistake 13 Years Ago (VIDEO)

Cornealious "Mike" Anderson celebrated and thanked God Monday when a St, Charles, Missouri judge told him he could go home to his family after nearly a year in prison. Anderson robbed a Burger King assistant manager in 1999 and was given a 13-year sentence, but authorities forgot about him because of a clerical error. In July of last year, U.S. marshals showed up at his door, snatching him from his wife and four young children.

50 Mummies in Valley of Kings: 3,300-Year-Old Tomb Unearthed in Egypt (PHOTO)

50 mummies in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt were discovered recently and researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland believe the remains date back 3,300 years to between 1567 and 1085 B.C. The skeletal remains of princes, princesses and infants had already been raided, however, most likely by bandits thousands of years ago, according to reports.

Inmate Starved to Death in Kentucky, Prison Doctor Fired

An inmate starved to death in a Kentucky prison Jan. 16 of this year and now the prison's doctor has been fired and is being investigated for his medical oversights while working there. James Kenneth Embry, a 57-year-old inmate serving the last three years of a nine-year sentence, stopped taking his medication and refused many meals, but lead physician Steve Hiland did little to treat him.

Bryan Singer, 'X-Men' Director, Accused of Rape By Teen Boy Michael F Egan III

Bryan Singer, the director of the "X-Men" movies and others, was accused of drugging and raping a teen boy, Michael F. Egan III, in the late 1990s, according to a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday. While Singer's attorney has categorically denied the allegations, Egan claims that Singer, who is openly gay, promised him a part in some of his high-grossing hit films.