Daniel Distant

Christian Post Reporter

'Fight Church' Documentary: Should Christians Brawl in MMA Matches?

"Fight Church," a documentary about Christian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and a church that heavily promotes the sport, raised funding via Kickstarter to complete their project. They aim to turn their trailer into a full-length movie by 2013, but some believers question if the violence conflicts with the Christian faith.

The Arms Trade Treaty: Christians Unite Against International Violence

The Arms Trade Treaty, an over-arching regulatory idea concerning international arms trade, has reached the ears of the Obama administration and the rest of the world. In July, many of the world's nations will meet in New York City to discuss the possibility of preventing weapons sales to countries who may support or supply terrorist groups.

JWoww to Palin: 'Keep Your Mouth Shut' About Gay Marriage

JWoww's Palin comments are causing controversy as the "Jersey Shore" reality star weighed in on Bristol Palin's ideas about gay marriage. Palin felt that the President's "evolving" views on same-sex marriage were influenced too much by his daughters, whose friends have homosexual parents.

LGBT Groups Attack NC Pastor Before Gay Marriage Vote

A Baptist pastor has been forced to defend his sermon after advocating for traditional marriage through Amendment One, the North Carolina legislation that would outlaw same-sex marriage. For his fiery defense of marriage, Pastor Sean Harris was attacked by gay advocacy groups, who maintain that the minister advised violence toward effeminate children.