Daniel Distant

Christian Post Reporter

Kirk Cameron Gay Comments Draw Praise From Christians, Rebuke From Hollywood Stars

Following Kirk Cameron's comments about homosexuality on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight," many have been voicing their support of his willingness to stand on his faith and have praised him for not watering down his faith in public. However, his comments on the hot button topic have also drawn the ire of some Hollywood stars, who have spoken out against the born-again Christian for his religious beliefs.

Is $5 Gas Inevitable?

The idea of $5 gas has struck fear in Americans worried about economy, and as controversy ensues over how to fix the economy, many see higher gas prices as a sign of stagnant growth.

'Jesus Discovery' Has 'Zero Percent Chance' of Being True, Say Experts

The "Jesus Discovery," presented by archaeologist and professor James Tabor with documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, claimed to have found the tomb of Jesus and his family in Jerusalem in 2010. However, many remained skeptical. Now, their persistence has unveiled another nearby tomb that is causing renewed debate and controversy.