Diana Bridgett

Christian Post Contributor

Film Producer Tracey Edmonds Talks Faith, Alright TV and Going Hard for God

In just 15 short years, Tracey Edmonds has solidified herself in a male dominated industry as a respected entertainment titan. Award winning producer, savvy business mogul and accomplished studio executive are just a few titles of recognition given to her for professional achievement. Yet what ignites her creative juices and further defines her life purpose is the spreading of God's Word through the launch of "Alright TV."

New York Fashion Week Kicks Off With a Bang in Red

Fashion Week has descended upon New York City once again, bringing us the latest collections from our favorite designers for Fall 2013. This year the Heart Truth fashion show kicked off the week fighting heart disease with some of the most recognizable names in the industry, showcasing beautiful red gowns by favorite designers down the runway.

Is the Church Trying Too Hard to Entertain?

The decline of church attendance within recent years may have been prompted by the growing frustration within the church body concerning leadership marred by growing numbers of scandals and churches more concerned with entertaining those in the pews than feeding them spiritually.

The Liz Lemon Effect: Can Women Have It All?

Liz Lemon, hailed as one of the best female icons on television, bid her audience farewell on Jan. 28, leaving women to question if they can really have it all. Millions of women tuned in every Thursday to see Lemon, the creative writer and business woman, excel in her profession yet desire to have an equally successful personal life. The identification to Lemon's life is uncanny to so many women who struggle to find balance.

The Super Bowl Ads: Are We Losing Morals to Sell Products?

GoDaddy.com and Calvin Klein ads left more to be desired among Super Bowl watchers. Some Super Bowl viewers posted comments of disgust and disapproval at the racy GoDaddy commercial featuring super model Bar Refaeli and a regular "Joe" displaying too much PDA that included unnecessary slobbering and sound effects.