Dina Sleiman

Dance With Passion

Dance is a fundamental form of human expression. It can be found throughout history in nearly every culture. Most churches today that incorporate contemporary choruses sing about dance. But do we take it seriously, or do we stand still and sing the words, hindering our bodies from becoming living, breathing expressions of praise?

Inside, Outside, Upside Down Christianity

There were rules about swearing and alcohol and mandatory church attendance. We had a student honor code and dress code and dorm rules. The rules went on and on and they were all focused on who we were on the outside. Outside-in Christianity is a result of focusing on the law.

Can You Be Better Than the Bible?

Here's the thing. The Bible is not always neat and pretty and tied up with a bow. Sometimes daughter-in-laws seduce father-in-laws. Prostitutes make it into the lineage of Jesus. Men who are said to be after God's own heart also commit adultery and murder.

Beauty in Blizzard Wedding

My only daughter got married. We had hoped for a beautiful 70 degree Virginia winter day, or at least 50 degrees. And instead we got...Virginia Beach's only blizzard on record.