Doug H. Napier

CP Guest Contributor

Planned Parenthood: Using Our Money to Oppose Our Freedom

On June 12, North Dakotans will have the opportunity to freely decide the fate of that state's Religious Liberty Freedom Amendment…unless, of course, Planned Parenthood dumps another half a million dollars into state coffers from places as distant as California and New York, to confuse voters in what will or won't be the status of religious liberty in North Dakota.

Repeal of DADT Still Doesn't Mean You Can Ask

The repeated warnings that repealing "don't ask, don't tell" would open the door for religious discrimination were ignored, and we are already beginning to see the toxic fallout from this mistaken move. After DADT was stripped away last year, the military entered 2012 in a whole new world. It's one in which the dismantling of DADT has actually provided homosexual activists the momentum they needed to step up and try to fashion not just the military in their own image, but other related agencies and associations as well.