Dr. Richard D. Land

CP Exclusive

Hugh Hefner: Pied Piper of the Sexual Revolution

Hugh Hefner was a baneful influence in American life across the last six decades. Hefner's telltale, cloven-hooved footprints are deeply imprinted on much of the misshapen, broken American social and sexual landscape that is littered with the manifold casualties and victims of the sexual revolution he did far too much to popularize and promote.

Trump Assassination Talk Is Legal but Goes Too Far

I have, and will always, ascribe to the sentiment, "I disagree with everything you say, and I will defend to the death your right to say it!" However, no right is absolute. When people are openly, shamelessly, calling for the assassination of the president, I believe we have reached a tipping point.

What Andy Stanley Gets Wrong About the Bible, Resurrection and Salvation

A theological-doctrinal controversy has erupted among prominent evangelical leaders concerning whether Christians, in seeking to reach millennials in a post-Christian world, should focus paramount attention on the bodily resurrection of Jesus on the first Easter Sunday, or alternatively, should emphasize the complete accuracy and veracity of Holy Scripture.

What America Needs Most on 15th Anniversary of 9/11

All of us remember the rush to attend churches and the solace people found in their faith. Unfortunately, the return to faith for many faded quickly, and within months we returned to "normal." However, the new "normal" was different from the old normal with heightened security measures, loss of freedoms, and a significant loss of peace of mind.

Earth Day: How Environmentalists Hurt the Environment

The new fracking technologies and nuclear power demonstrate how such innovative technologies can allow people to protect the environment and not hinder or cripple economic growth or existing living standards. And yet, the left-wing environmental movement vigorously opposes the use of such environmentally friendly technologies?

Depressed About America? Here's Why We're OK

Given the many depressing trends and events both foreign and domestic that have bombarded us as Americans during the first quarter of 2016, I have found myself often calling to mind the admonition of the late, great Chuck Colson that it is a sin for Christians to be pessimistic. And, of course, he was, and is, right.