Elena Garcia

Christian Post Reporter

Bishop Eddie Long Case Heads for Settlement Talks

Lawyers for both sides in Bishop Eddie Long's case met for the first court hearing Friday, saying they wanted to resolve the dispute quickly. Long, who faces allegations of sexual misconduct from four young men, did not attend. Both parties agreed to a mediation session slated for early next year.

Hillsong Church Expands Locations at Home and Abroad

Hillsong Church has been expanding its locations at home and abroad. The Australian-based megachurch recently announced a new extension site for one of its main campuses and began holding gatherings for its first church location in the United States.

World Vision Int'l Appoints New Head

World Vision International announced this week that Kevin Jenkins, managing director of a Canadian investment firm and vice chair of the board of World Vision Canada, has been appointed to as the organization's new president and chief executive officer.

Ben Stein to Deliver Liberty Univ. Commencement Speech

Ben Stein, who has frequently spoken against Darwinism, has been selected as the commencement speaker at Liberty University. LU Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. said the most compelling reason for choosing Stein was his "work in exposing the evils and dangers of Darwinism."

Developers Suspend Bible Park USA

The developers of a proposed Bible Park have announced they are suspending the project in Lebanon, Tenn., citing political infighting between the city council and the mayor.

Women More Likely Than Men to Pray, Believe in God

Women are more likely to profess belief in a God, pray and attend religious services than men, according to a new analysis of survey data. Ahead of Women's History Month in March, the Pew Research Center offered new insight on sex and religiosity