Elena Garcia

Christian Post Reporter

GodTube Changes Name to Tangle.com

Christian video and social networking site GodTube.com has changed its name and purpose. The popular Web site is now called tangle.com and is no longer catering toward only Christians, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Charity's Food Distribution Up Amid Investigation

The Georgia-based food charity that is being investigated by federal authorities reported that demand for its services is up from previous months. Distribution of its food boxes this month was up 63 percent from the same month last year.

Ministry Serving Hungry Under FBI, IRS Investigation

A non-denominational ministry that provides low-cost food to the poor is being investigated by the FBI and IRS. Tax records show that the ministry's founding leaders and their family members received unusually high salaries in 2006, each receiving around half a million dollars.

Ohio Billboards Urge 'Merry Christmas' Over 'Happy Holidays'

For the second year in a row, two Ohio women have launched billboards encouraging people to say the traditional "Merry Christmas" seasonal greeting instead of "Happy Holidays." But churches belonging to Advent Conspiracy say the best way to restore scandal of Christmas is by substituting consumption with compassion.

Oxford Junior Dictionary Drops Christian Words

The latest edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary has dropped many words associated with Christianity and British history that were found in earlier versions. The head of children's dictionaries at Oxford University Press said the changes were made to reflect a "multicultural" society.

City-Customized Bibles Fight Social and Moral Decay

The largest Christian literature ministry is taking more of a grassroots approach to fighting crime and social and moral decay in major cities. Problems relating to marriage, drug abuse, pornography and abortion are the issues that people in most cities face.

After-School 'Good News Clubs' Gain Victory

The Virginia chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship has gained victory in a religious discrimination case and will now be allowed to hold after-school Good News Clubs at area schools with the same free access afforded to other organizations like Boy Scouts.