Emma Koonse

Christian Post Reporter

Does Charging People to Hear the Gospel Devalue the Message of Salvation?

Christian conferences are often pitched as life-changing opportunities to fellowship and inspire spiritual growth through the sharing of the Gospel by popular pastors and singers with major followings in the Christian community. With tickets to many of these events costing up to $799 to register, according to an investigation by The Christian Post, concerns are being raised about the monetization of the Gospel that the Bible declares is free.

SBC President Ronnie Floyd on Josh Duggar Molesting Sisters: 'Forgiveness and Healing Is Available to All Persons — No Matter Their Sins'

Southern Baptist Conference President Ronnie Floyd said Friday that "forgiveness and healing is available to all persons," including Josh Duggar of "19 Kids and Counting," who's embroiled in a scandal following revelations from an illegally leaked police report that detailed his confession to molesting four of his sisters and one baby sitter when he was a teenager.