Eric Metaxas

Christian Post Contributor

Deadly Standard Options

The seven deadly sins are also called capital sins. What makes these sins deadly is that they're spiritually corrupting. Whereas Christian charity inclines our hearts toward the love of God and neighbor, the seven deadly sins imprison us through a kind of self-worship.

A Deafening Silence as Iraqi Christians Vanish

A grave humanitarian crisis is sweeping Iraq. The President has announced humanitarian aid and air strikes against ISIS. He needs to do more. President Obama has said there's no military solution to this crisis. But there are other measures to take, and Wolf is calling for the president to take a number of them immediately, including:

Christian Singles and Practical Atheism

But as James teaches us, a Christian faith that's all bark and no bite isn't faith at all, and can't save anybody. So this sad statistic about young Christians and sex before marriage ought to challenge us, as the epistle says, to "show our faith by what we do."

Flocking to 'Other Christianities:' Like Seagulls to Trash Piles

Harvard is once again touting a dubious scrap of papyrus that claims to quote Jesus as having a wife. Why would they do that? The fragment is what those who worked on the fragment want to find — they need it to be real. That's because the fragment allows them to talk about "Christianities," plural, and "questions about family and marriage and sexuality and Jesus."

Nobody Expects the Rainbow Inquisition

For the past several decades, the scope of what constitutes protected and permissible speech has been narrowing. Views that were commonplace in 2008 are regarded as beyond the pale now. Evidently, the only way to get back into good graces is to publicly recant your position.

'Noah,' Mass Entertainment, and Us

As several colleagues of mine have pointed out, the level of vituperation among Christians over Darren Aronofsky's film is "nuts." Roberto Rivera, a colleague, said that we shouldn't look to the entertainment industry for validation of our beliefs and way of life. And that, sadly, is what too many of us are doing.

Connecting With Millennials

If we want to respond to this opportunity and actually reach this unattached generation, we're going to have to connect them with something they really value. We're going to have to refine our message and our ministry—no more half-hearted Christianity.

Tinkering With Frankenkinder

An FDA panel is currently reviewing a procedure that would allow a child to inherit genetic material from three different people. If that sounds like one too many to you, congratulations! Your moral intuition is more highly developed than that of many scientific researchers.

North Korea's Unspeakable Atrocities

Innocent blood is crying from the ground of North Korea. While I'm pleased that the U.N. is urging the international community to get tough on the North Korean regime for destroying the lives of its twenty-five million people, there's a worldview irony peeking out from the pages of its recent report.

Conservative Christianity Hurts Marriage?

According to a study about to be published in the American Journal of Sociology, being conservative Protestant, i.e., an evangelical, is not helpful when it comes to staying married. There's the question of just who is a "conservative Protestant."

An Ironic Ecumenism: The Global War on Christians (Part 2)

You'd think that Christians would be completely safe in the land of Gandhi. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong. If I asked you to name the country that has witnessed the single greatest outburst of anti-Christian violence in recent years, you'd probably guess somewhere like North Korea or an Islamic country such as Egypt.

Paying in Blood: The Global War on Christians (Part 1)

We're at war. Or at least, war is being waged on our brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe. Sometime in November, the North Korean regime publicly executed eighty people in seven cities across the country. In each instance, a crowd was forced to watch as ten people, their heads covered with white bags, were tied to stakes and machine gunned to death.