Eric Metaxas

Christian Post Contributor

Archaeological Evidence: Exodus and the Trial of Jesus

The Bible has plenty of allies, not the least of which is the discipline of archaeology. Over the years, we've told you about some of the fascinating discoveries that have confirmed the accuracy of both the Old and New Testaments. Recently, archaeologists discovered the suspected remains of the palace where the trial of Jesus Christ may have taken place.

Science, God, and the Improbability of Life

My recent piece in the Wall Street Journal went viral. Not surprisingly, the piece had plenty of critics. One scientist complained about "religious arguments for the existence of God thinly veiled as scientific arguments" and "allowing a Christian apologist to masquerade as a scientist." This objection essentially amounts to saying that only scientists should be allowed to talk about the religious implications of scientific things. Scientists, it seems, can dabble as metaphysicians, philosophers, and theologians, but not vice-versa.

Love Came Down at Christmas

Most of the music you hear on these channels has little, if anything, to do with Jesus, and, in the off chance it does, it most likely won't be performed in a way that lends itself to the mystery of the Incarnation. Advent is supposed to be a time of reflection and contemplation, and what we listen to should further this goal. Since Spotify, Pandora and Music Choice aren't likely to be of much help, we need to create our own "channels."

Different Is Better: The Ancient Church and Its Pagan Neighbors

For the first seventy or so years of Christianity's existence, the Greco-Roman world paid it relatively little attention. There were persecutions here and there (like the one that claimed the lives of Peter and Paul). But, for the most part, it wasn't until the second century that their pagan neighbors began to focus their attention on just how different Christians were.

Hand Over Your Sermon, or Else

In America, a city government has demanded that religious leaders turn over their sermons or face contempt of court charges, even possibly jail time. Words fail me. This is beyond outrageous. We have been warning for years that our religious liberties are in peril in every aspect of life.

Running Toward the Plague: Christians and Ebola

Nearly eighteen centuries after the Plague of Cyprian, Christianity still prompts people to run towards the plague when virtually everyone else is running away. Now as then, this power confounds and confuses Christianity's critics.