Eric Young

Christian Post Reporter

Bishop Robinson: Same-Sex Acts Unnatural for Heterosexuals

When the Apostle Paul wrote of the "perversion" of men and women who committed "indecent acts" with those of the same sex, he was talking about people he understood to be heterosexuals engaging in same-sex acts, according to The Episcopal Church's first actively-gay bishop.

CBS Clarifies New Ad Policy Amid Tebow Row

CBS said Tuesday that its policy regarding advocacy ads has evolved over the past several years and that it would now consider airing "responsibly produced" ones during its broadcast of this year's Super Bowl, as it had done with that of Focus on the Family.

Tim Tebow to Appear in Pro-Family Super Bowl Ad

Just weeks after capping his college football career with a win in the Sugar Bowl, Florida Gators' star Tim Tebow is set to make an appearance during the upcoming NFL Super Bowl. But it won't be on the field that sports fans will see him.