Eric Young

Christian Post Reporter

UMC Megachurch Pastor Makes Case for His Christmas Gift to Jesus

While Christmas shoppers comb their local malls and stores in search of the right gift for their loved ones, a Methodist megachurch pastor is reminding his congregation and those within hearing distance that it's clear what's on the wish list of the one who has given the world the reason for the season.

Anglicans Eye Bishop Elections in LA

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles will elect two suffragan bishops during is Diocesan Convention this weekend and will be voting from a pool of six candidates that includes two openly gay ministers.

NIH Chief: More Ethical to Use Embryos than Discard

Thirteen embryonic stem cell lines were approved Wednesday for federally-funded research with assurance from the director of the National Institutes for Health that research on them is ethical and does not violate principles on human dignity and sanctity of life.

Rick Warren Views Unemployment, Orphans as Top Gov't Priorities

While Rick Warren made it clear that his role is that of a pastor and not a politician, the Southern California preacher offered a glimpse Sunday of the kind of statesman he might be if God had shaped him to take on the position and what his top domestic and global priorities would be.

Vatican Hosts Meeting on Life in the Universe

The Pontifical Academy of Science recently hosted a gathering leading scientists from around the world to assess the most recent research on life in the universe and to discuss the possibility of life on other planets.

WEA, China Church Leaders Meet for In-Depth Talks

A delegation of 24 leaders from the World Evangelical Alliance met with leaders of China's official church bodies Monday, building upon the relationships formed during the first visit by the alliance's head, Geoff Tunnicliffe, in 2008.