Erica Robinson

Christian Post Contributor

Diabetes Doubles Alzheimer's Risk, Says New Study

An apple day keeps the doctor away but an unhealthy body makes you more susceptible to dementia, at least that’s what a new study in Japan is showing. The study links diabetes to an increased risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Christian Posters Banned From Calif. School

It’s the official U.S. motto, but some schools are saying it is not for everyone. In God we trust, a four-word phrase that represents the foundation for the United States of America, used in many famous presidential speeches, is stirring up huge controversy in one California school.

Vermont Hurricane Irene Relief Efforts Bring New Believers to Christ

Calamity has turned to hope for Vermont residents. In a state where the percentage of the population that hold no beliefs surged to 34 percent in the last decade, the work Christians are doing in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene has proved to be a stepping-stone for creating a larger community of believers in the region.

Strong Earthquake Hits Canada

Things are shaking up in Vancouver Island literally. Residents reported to the USGS that they felt “seasick and dizzy” when a high magnitude earthquake struck near the island.