Eryn Sun

Christian Post Reporter

Controversial 'Jesus Camp' Preacher Tells Her Side of the Story

It’s been five years since audiences last saw Pentecostal preacher Becky Fischer, who became infamous for her charismatic role in the 2006 documentary “Jesus Camp.” Finally ready to explain what really happened behind the scenes of the controversial film, Fischer has resurfaced to the public sphere once again with her latest book, Jesus Camp: My Story.

'The Jefferson Bible' to Be Published in Color by the Smithsonian

Smithsonian Books will release Thomas Jefferson’s cut-and-paste Bible in a never-before-seen color edition this upcoming November. Using a razor, Jefferson literally cut and arranged selected verses from the books of Matthew, Luke, and John and created a single narrative, devoid of any divinity, miracles, prophecy, resurrection, and other elements he found unnecessary and misinterpreted by the Four Evangelists.

Atheist: Bring Invocations to 9/11 Anniversary

David Silverman, the president of the American Atheists, is agreeing with religious leaders who oppose Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to ban clergy from the upcoming 10th anniversary ceremony of the 9/11 attacks.

'Seven Days in Utopia': Non-Preachy Film Looks to Inspire

Who ever said golf wasn’t spiritual? Using the much-beloved ball game as a metaphor for life, family, work, and faith, the new film “Seven Days in Utopia,” based on David L. Cook’s novel Golf’s Sacred Journey, gives audiences a whole new look at golf, on and off the course.

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Expecting Third Baby

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have recently confirmed that another baby is on its way, welcoming their third child into their ever-growing family. The couple, both 39, told The Associated Press that they were “thrilled” to have their next baby