Ethan Cole

Christian Post Reporter

Pope Wraps Up Africa Visit Focusing on the Needy

Pope Benedict XVI wrapped up his Africa tour Monday by urging the continent to help the poor and to overcome its corruption problem. Benedict appealed to African leaders to share their countries' resources more fairly with the poor.

Pope to Muslims: True Religion Rejects Violence

Pope Benedict XVI told Muslim leaders in Cameroon Thursday that true religion rejects violence. In a closed-door meeting with 22 representatives of Cameroon's Muslim community, Benedict said religion is the basis of human civilization

Jordan Militants Get Heavy Sentence for Church Bomb Plot

Jordan's military court sentenced three Jordanian extremists to 22 1/2 years in jail for a plot to bomb a Catholic church last May. The judge explained that he gave the sentence because he believes the bomb plot itself was a "danger to the state and its people."

Clinton, Chinese Diplomat Discuss Human Rights

After coming under a barrage of criticism for seeming to downplay human rights in U.S.-China relations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reaffirmed the Obama administration's commitment to promoting human rights after a meeting with a high-level Chinese diplomat this week in Washington.

Graham: U.S. Must Lead in Solving Sudan Crisis

American evangelist and humanitarian leader Franklin Graham called upon President Barack Obama on Tuesday to immediately appoint a special envoy to Sudan to help resolve the growing threat of chaos there after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sudan's sitting president.

NCC, Official Chinese Church Vow to Work Together

Top leaders of U.S.-based National Council of Churches recently met in Shanghai with leaders of China's official church bodies for discussions that included a partnership to raise the issue of climate change with their respective governments.