Ethan Cole

Christian Post Reporter

State Department Slams China on Human Rights

In stark contrast to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's softer remarks on China's human rights, the U.S. State Department report on Wednesday had sharp criticism for the eastern superpower over rights violations ranging from religious repression to extrajudicial killings.

New U.K. Sex Ed Urges Parental Talks with No Values

In the wake of a British boy becoming a father at 13, the British government has come up with a new strategy to address the country's growing teen pregnancy problem. Parents are encouraged to discuss sex with their children without telling them what is right or wrong

Christian-Muslim Clash Kills 11 in Nigeria

Sectarian violence in northern Nigeria this past weekend left at least 11 people dead, police and Red Cross officials said Monday. Violence broke out Saturday when Muslim youths attacked Christians and burned churches in Bauchi state.

'Anti-God Squad' Coming to U.K. Campuses

Atheists are continuing their aggressive campaign against religion in the United Kingdom with the launch of an atheist student federation dubbed by members as the "anti-God squad." The federation says it aims to be the voice for atheist students

Pakistan to Impose Shariah Law in Terrorist-Prone Areas

In a concession to Islamic leaders, some closely linked to extremist groups, the Pakistani government promised on Monday to impose Islamic law and suspend a military offensive against extremists in areas known to be havens for terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Sunni Victory Brings Hope to Christians in Iraqi Province

The Assyrian Christian population in a northern Iraqi province expressed hope for a better future under the province's newly elected Sunni government, which has pledged to respect the rights of minorities and allow them to have a voice in the political process.

'ONE' Sermon Challenge Collects Poverty Lectures

The ONE Sermon Challenge is calling on preachers of all faiths to submit their lectures on global poverty to a campaign Web site where they will be featured in hopes of inspiring people of all religions to fight against global poverty.