Ethan Cole

Christian Post Reporter

Christian Chinese Couple Pleads for Final Meeting

A Christian Chinese couple who has been persecuted for years by authorities for their faith is pleading with officials for one final meeting as the husband is said to be near death by medical doctors and the wife is imprisoned for "fabricated charges."

Aid Groups Angry over Lack of Access to Gaza

Aid organizations are complaining about the severe restricted access to Gaza that has kept urgently needed humanitarian aid from reaching people inside Gaza despite the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas last week.

Faith Leaders Laud Obama for Torture Ban

President Barack Obama won the praises of some religious leaders on Thursday when he signed executive orders to close the controversial U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within a year, ban torture and end the CIA's secret overseas prisons.

Church Groups, Rights Agencies Urge Protection of Gazans

International humanitarian agencies and rights groups sent a letter to President Bush and other U.S. leaders, the United Nations, and Israeli and Egyptian ambassadors this week urging them to protect Gazan civilians according to international law as fighting continues between Israel and Hamas.

Gaza Pounding Raises Concern on Medical Care

Israel's intensive strike on Gaza that shows no sign of letting up is increasingly raising concern among aid groups about the flow of medical supplies into an area with severe shortages of medical facilities and thousands of injured people.