Ethan Cole

Christian Post Reporter

Rights Group Urges Ban Ki-moon to Visit Burma

A Christian human rights group is urging U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to maintain his plan to visit Burma next month in light of the junta's recent arbitrary imprisonment of dozens of pro-democracy activists.

Charity, Bookstore Help Make Holiday Giving Easier

People want to help poor children, but the reality is Christmas is right around the corner and budgets are tighter than ever this year. A children ministry and a Christian bookstore say they understand and want to make it easier on the pocketbook to give.

World Leaders Meet for U.N. Religious Tolerance Talk

Heads of state convened at the U.N. headquarters on Wednesday to begin talks on how to foster religious tolerance. But Saudi Arabia's leadership role in the conference made representatives and human rights groups question the amount of progress the gathering would yield.

Christian Colony Cries Injustice at House Razing Order

A Christian colony in Pakistan is in distress over a government order to vacate their homes within 72 hours so that workers can demolish their neighborhood and expand a main road. The government is not offering the 48 affected families any compensation.

China to Issue Human Rights Plan, Official Says

China will issue a "human rights action plan" that will seek to "expand democracy and strengthen the rule of law," a Chinese official said this week. This is the first time the communist state has announced a plan to improve citizens' rights.

Obama Win Brings Hope to Africa, Church Leaders Say

President-elect Barack Obama is not only inspiring hope for positive change among Americans but also overseas in Africa, church leaders say. "It is a positive turn for Africa," said Bishop Joseph Wasonga of Maseno West Anglican Church in Kenya.

Graham Concludes '08 Crusade in Taiwan

American evangelist Franklin Graham concluded his 2008 world crusade this past weekend in Taipei, Taiwan where nearly 10,000 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ during the event.

India Christian Council Condemns Terror Blasts

An Indian Christian group turned their attention to a northeast state that was devastated by a series of terror bombing this past week as violence against the minority Christian population continues to rage in the rest of the country.

'No God' Ads to Hit London Buses

London buses may soon be plastered with ads proclaiming "There's probably no God," if a British atheist group has its way. Among the campaign's supporters is well-known atheist activist Richard Dawkins, who promised to match BHA's goal of raising $9,000 for the ads.

15,000 Iraqi Christians Driven Out of Mosul

More than 15,000 Iraqi Christians, or 2,500 families, have been driven out of Mosul over the past two weeks, officials said. The number skyrocketed from last week's estimate of some 3,000 Christians that fled the city.