Ezechiel Bambolo Jr.

CP Guest Contributor

How to Motivate Teenagers to Live Upright Consistently

Have you figured out how to motivate your pre-teen or teenager to live upright consistently? A variety of studies point to the profitable involvement of parents and other ancestral family relations. Those relationships provide great stability in life. Framing the life of your teenager to desire leaving a powerful legacy empowers them to take personal ownership for their actions. It also elevates their level of maturity and personal responsibility.

Propaganda and Homosexuality No Match For Healthy Family Legacy

While driving my children to school recently I received a critical question. My 8-year old daughter asked, "Daddy do we have any gay friends?" A critical and important question for such a time as this. Nothing in our previous conversation that morning mentioned homosexuality. I was almost blindsided. Yes, even our young children are caught in the obvious crossfire of subliminal cultural messages.

Corporations Tapped in to Family Values Long Ago; It's Time Parents Take Back That Branding

Family legacy is the process of strategically transferring healthy family values to our children. That transfer allows them to live moral and productive lives. A successful family legacy provides security for family members regarding the distinct societal unit they represent. Family legacy will remove all anxiety and fears about the uncertainty and trials we face. As a result we replace those doubts with familial confidence.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Relationship Advice, or Dysfunctional Family?

How often have you gone seeking assistance from health and psychological professionals about your troubled youth, dysfunctional family and heard the solution to your problem rests in your implementation of a "Successful Family Legacy?" Yes, I know the answer is "never!" No professional has ever said those words to you. Culturally, it is a deeply foreign concept. However, the truth is a successful family legacy is the answer.