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Great Aquariums for Families

Zoe is nose to nose with a 350-pound grouper, and Abby is checking out an electric green Moray eel. I’m being careful not to swim too close to Raphael, a 65-year old sea turtle who’s known for accidentally slapping unknowing snorkelers with her fins. No, we’re not in Mexico or the Caribbean – we’ve come all the way to the Rockies to swim with sea creatures.

Tips for Planning an Africa Family Safari

This year, many parents and grandparents are seeking out wildlife-rich destinations for their next family vacation. An Africa safari is the ultimate adventure for nature loving families, but planning such a trip can be daunting and expectations are high. That's why it's wise to consult with an expert.

What's New at Disney for 2011

The realm of Disney dream vacations extends far beyond the Disney theme parks - especially in 2011. Disney vacation guests will be making magic in Egypt, Hawaii and Alaska, on the turquoise seas of the Bahamas, over crocodile and rhino gullies, and even beyond our solar system.

Teens for a Change: Finding a Great Volunteer Vacation Trip

The popularity of teen volunteer vacation programs has soared in the last few years. These trips with a purpose allow teens to travel, get a new perspective on the world, make a difference in the lives of others, and grow in the process. While numerous opportunities are available in the United States, the most popular trips are often those to exotic destinations around the globe.

Timeshare Rentals are a Great Family Travel Bargain

The recession is still affecting a lot of families, and added vacation expenses such as high gas prices and increasing airline ticket costs, not to mention all of those newly added airline fees, can certainly make many of you wonder if you'll ever get to take a really great family vacation again.