Fionna Agomuoh

Christian Post Contributor

Apple's Mac Mini Marks End of DVD Era?

A stealth move by Apple could signal the end for DVD drives in computers. Releasing its new product line up last week, the new Mac Mini is notably missing its DVD drive, joining the Macbook Air in Apple’s mix of drive-less gadgets.

Aid Denied for 9/11 Ground Zero Cancer Victims

A study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has been released detailing that there is no causal link between the toxicity of the 9/11 Ground Zero rescue and clean up, and the cancers that many first responders have developed. The study ruled that cancer ailed first responders will not be eligible for aid under the James A. Zadroga Act; established in 2010 to provide monetary assistance to those who have developed illnesses due to being exposed to fumes, dust and toxins at Ground Zero.

Time Travel Not Possible, Say Researchers

A group of physicists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have conducted research that allegedly proves time travel is a scientific impossibility by demonstrating that nothing can move faster than the speed of light.

China Train Crash: Social Media Users Allege Cover-up

A horrific train collision that occurred in China on the evening of July 25 has seen very little national media coverage and has been mostly covered by Chinese social media. Aficionados continue to express their distaste in how Chinese government and media are handling the situation.