Fred Antonelli

Op-Ed Contributor

Be Honest, In Our Hearts, We're All Paula Deen

Now you know that things have got to be crazy out of balance regarding the Deen controversy when she ends up being defended by the likes of former President Jimmy Carter who said, "She has been punished, perhaps overly severely," and the Rev. Jesse Jackson saying, "Deen is a "sacrificial lamb" who "should be reclaimed rather than destroyed." So, Ms. Deen made a mistake, ok, who hasn't? She is regretful, disappointed in herself, repentant and does not want to repeat her wrong. Hello…Anybody out there?

You Say Temptation Like It's a Bad Thing

But believe it or not, I think temptation can actually be our friend if we use it to our advantage. It can be very effective in our lives because it shows us the cracks in our armor. It exposes our real selves, our propensities toward certain sins and brings to light the sins that we're blinded to.