Gabrielle Devenish

Christian Post Reporter

Dying to Meet Him: Anorexia and Grace

There's been tension in my family starting 17 years ago, with this horrible disease named anorexia. It's unpredictable, sneaky, malicious, deceptive. I know the pain and hurt it's caused emotionally and psychologically, and I know I can never erase those scars.

Dying to Meet Him: The Spiritual Battle Inside

Lately I've seemed very mopey and less likely to turn to God but to others in my seemingly uncontrollable thoughts. A few praises, first: I can type and read and focus at certain periods of the day, I have a lot of friends praying for me, and I've gotten back in touch with old time friends.

Dying to Meet Him: I'm Dying and I Feel 'Dumb'

I was also very frustrated and angry with my mental decline. I used to be so intelligent and creative. Now my short-term memory is shot and I can only concentrate on something for a short period of time. I used to have a huge vocabulary and was so articulate. Now when I speak to people, I mix up words, forget words and drift off a lot. Basically, I feel dumb compared to the girl I once was.

Dying to Meet Him: Are You Really Lonely?

Wow, God really showed me that I myself was beginning to get self-centered, wrapped up in my own head, thinking only of how awful I felt and how lonely I was. God really convicted me with that Facebook message, and I remembered in times of trouble, it's always good to look to God and then seek good company.

Dying to Meet Him: Our Hope Is the End of the Story

After suffering yet ANOTHER small seizure yesterday (and throwing up all over the outside of my friend's car – so embarrassing!) this especially hit home today. I was internally bemoaning all my physical weaknesses and ailments, but after singing that song (guess God wanted me to hear Rock of Ages, not Nick!) I was again reminded of my Rock, my firm foundation, and my hope for "worlds unknown": eternity with my Lord!

Dying to Meet Him: Coming to Terms With Losses

So the last seizure left me with fewer brain cells or something, but I can't focus enough to read much or write much without stopping, starting, stopping. I was afraid to write a journal entry yesterday because this is a new thing to me. Reading and writing – the two loves of my life, the two things that used to come so easily to me – are so hard now.

German Grandmother Lives Without Money for 16 Years

Many people across the globe live on pennies a day. It’s involuntary – homelessness, poverty, hunger and all the deprivations that go with having no money. But what person would choose a life where you live on nothing at all – literally, not a cent – to your name? reports that Heidemarie Schwermer, a 69-year-old German woman, did exactly that – for 16 years.

Hand Grenade Christmas Tree Ornaments Spark Outrage

These Christmas tree ornaments will blow your family away. The Swedish Army Museum in Stockholm is selling ornaments shaped like hand grenades to raise money for Christian Aid, a charity that fights poverty and aids in disaster relief, Swedish news agency The Local reported.