Gabrielle Devenish

Christian Post Reporter

Turnaround Tebow Does It Again – Sports Fans Debate Faith vs. Skill

The Denver Broncos managed another close win Sunday, shipwrecking the Vikings lead by pulling ahead 35-32. The team’s 7-5 standing tied them with the Oakland Raiders in a lead for the AFC West. And again, the victory can be mostly attributed to the hottest quarterback in the NFL: Tim Tebow. The Broncos pulled off another miracle win a few weeks ago, when Tebow directed a 95-yard drive in the last five minutes to edge the Denver over the Jets and sparking many to wonder, Just why does the QB grab so much attention? Is it his faith and integrity or his impressive skills?

'Heaven Is for Real' – for Kids Now Too

The little boy who inspired the 2010 book, Heaven Is for Real, has now penned his own account of his trip to heaven. The Rev. Todd and Sonja Burpo’s account of his son’s near-death experience at the age of 4 quickly rose to attention last year Eight years later, Colton Burpo told MSNBC the memories

Tebowing Becomes Mane Event

Now you too can ride to glory on the back of Tebow – in a saddle, that is. The people behind Little Red Feather thoroughbred racing named one of their horses after the latest craze inspired by Tim Tebow: “Tebowing.”