Gabrielle Devenish

Christian Post Reporter

Utah School District Eliminates Meat on Mondays

Children across the country are discovering tofu, veggie burgers and beans in the school lunch line, but on Mondays, there is always an absence of meat. A school district in Utah instituted the program during the month of October to get students to eat healthier, the Deseret News reported Monday.

Paranormal Has Parents Concerned

"Paranormal Activity 3" topped box office charts this past weekend, according to figures released Sunday on The movie earned $54 million at the domestic box office. It was the top debut of all time for a horror film and the best October debut ever, the site reported.

Is There a Christian Alternative to Yoga?

Lady Gaga, Russell Simmons, Jennifer Aniston, Jon Bon Jovi and other top celebrities practice it. It's practiced in schools, day cares, health spas and nursing homes. Workplaces even report less employee stress when it is incorporated into the work day. From the extremely fit to the overweight, the spandex-clad gym rat to the average Joe practicing in their living room: Yoga is the next new thing.

What Do Mormons Believe? Ex-Mormon Speaks Out – Part Two

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is in the media spotlight lately, leaving many wondering what Mormons really believe versus what they publicly state. A lot of rumors surround the religion, with suggestions that Mormons believe Lucifer is the brother of Jesus, or that everyone is a god.