George Barna

Mid-Term Election Update: No Blue Wave, But No Red Surprise Either

As the November General Election draws closer, the nature of this year's "mid-term" election is taking shape. A new survey by the non-partisan American Culture and Faith Institute, directed by George Barna, provides some new insights into where things stand today – and what those conditions might mean for the November outcome.

The Disengaged Are Destroying America

There is no shortage of emotion on the part of the two-thirds of American adults who harbor strong feelings about the condition and direction of the country. During the past decade, in particular, activist conservatives and liberals have been feverishly pushing their ideals and desires for the nation in full view of the public.

Most Millennials Are Not Pro-Life

A recent national survey conducted by the American Culture & Faith Institute evaluated people's views about abortion from a variety of angles. It did not arrive at the optimistic view that many in the pro-life movement have projected.