Gina E. Ryder

Christian Post Contributor

Are Trick-or-Treat Bags a Place for Gospel Tracts?

Stuck to a sticky candy wrapper could be a child’s ticket to Heaven. Or at least that is what some Halloween missionaries are hoping as they slip tracks into this year’s trick-or-treat bags. However, some parents wonder if they are comfortable with the religious messages being mixed in with their kid's Halloween candy stash.

Businessman Accused by Members of Eddie Long's Church Facing 2nd Lawsuit

Ephren Taylor is reportedly known for mesmerizing audiences with his financial seminars that promise secure investments. However, many churchgoers who have followed Taylor's advice say they have yet to see any returns, and would like their money back. Included in the list of alleged victims are 10 members from Bishop Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist church.

Christian Leaders: Hell Should Not Be Sugar-Coated

Hell is not exactly a hot topic. No one really likes to talk about perpetual torture. Well, no one except pastor Howard Batson who approached the tough topic of a fiery eternity during his speech at the G5 conference during the Baptist General Convention of Texas.